Smriti Nandan About Us
Smriti Nandan About Us

The Smriti-Nandan Vision

A celebratory space for learning and sharing, enabling a synergy between tradition and modernity through the collective wisdom of cultures, communication and social change.

The Smriti-Nandan Cultural Centre

A non-commercial Centre dedicated to the arts, Smriti-Nandan is an organization committed to the opportunity for current and future generations of Bangalore to continue to appreciate traditional notions of culture as well as to learn about its various forms through cultural programs.

A Celebration of Art, Culture and Beauty

There comes a time in the life curve of a city when old traditions start fraying away. And if a conscious effort is not made to preserve, re-invent and modify them, the pace of growth swallows up the sould of the city. This is the time when Bangalore has to look out for the underpinnings of its culture. And create spaces both physical and psychological that will be the selfless uncommericalized crucibles of the evolving traditions and new legends of music, art, design, theater, craft and beauty in any form of expression.

The Location

Smriti Nandan Location

Smriti-Nandan Cultural Centre is located in the heart of the city of Bangalore, just off Palace Road in a tree lined space with traffic sounds hushed by old trees. A landscaped garden with a flowing cascade gives it the soothing ambience of a forest glen.

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Smriti Nandan About Us